19# Flathead On Fresh Cut Carp


Date: 06/12/2015
Weight: 19 Pounds
Bait Fresh Cut Carp
Location Omaha, NE
Body Of Water Missouri River
Structure 30 foot hole behind  a wing dike near a current seam
Temperature unknown
Water Temperature unknown

We Honor The Carp That Died

IMG_9902Unfortunately a carp met its demise in the effort to catch this 19 pound flathead. So I can’t say I am 100% “Catch Picture & Release”, but I am willing to live with that shame. I am writing this blog entry 239 days (34 weeks) after I caught this fish and my recollection is fuzzy. In the future I will update my catch entries within 24 hours. I do remember that I was not in my boat. I am always somewhat apprehensive when I am not the “captain” because my rod holders are a different style and my tackle is not located where I want it, but at least I didn’t have the effort of launching, trailering and cleaning my boat.

I Love Wing Dikes

IMG_9905We had the boat anchored on the back of a wing dike near the tip where we know there is a 30 foot hole. There is a highly visible current seam from the current hitting the wing dike and one highly successful fisherman told me to anchor farther out in the current slightly above the hole, but at this time I was not confident in my skill to anchor that far out in the river. One time I did attempt it and a large tree branch snuck up behind me and barely missed the anchor rope. It fouled all my lines and created quite a mess. I feel a lot safer tucked behind a wing dike and it gives me a better opportunity to fish the shallow flat behind it for other species (carp, freshwater drum, gold eye and even the hated gar).

The Rig

I wish my memory was better, but I don’t remember it being caught on a circle hook. It was a basic Carolina rig with a 50# monofilament leader and an 8-oz no-roll sinker. I am sure my hook size was 8/0 or 9/0. In the future I will dedicate myself to logging all these details the days of the catch.

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