What Is An Outside River Bend?

Sometimes when I am talking to an experienced fisherman they will use lingo that does not register in my mind. The term “outside bend” of a river always confused me. And quite honestly I did not ask for clarification because I thought asking would prove my ignorance. I just nodded my head as if I understood. So of course I started searching the internet for a clearer definition that would make sense to a novice. I think an image is the best way to clarify the concept in your mind.

Lets Use A Circle Hook To Make The Point


Of course I wanted to know what an outside bend in a river was, but I had to look at a circle hook to cement it in my mind. As you can see the inside bend is inside the hook and the outside bend is outside of the hook. When I saw this graphical visualization I could then apply it to a river. Let’s do that next.

Lets Use A River Navigation Chart


Lets Use A Satellite Image


That Helped Me

Ok now I have engrafted the concept of an outside bend in mind. What I really want to know is why I should fish it. I will save that research for another post or add it to this one in the future. Now go out and fish and contact me when you have a picture of that big catfish you caught out the Missouri River.

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