20# Flathead On Fresh Cut Goldeye

Date: 06/7/2015
Weight: 20 Pounds
Bait Cut Goldeye Head
Location Omaha, NE
Body Of Water Missouri River
Structure 30 foot hole behind  a wing dike near a current seam
Temperature unknown
Water Temperature unknown

Thank The Maker For Goldeye

My favorite bait is fresh cut goldeye and the one that help secure this flathead was caught in the same spot on a bobber with a worm attached to it. I am always very grateful when a goldeye is landed because they make excellent bait. I am assuming it is because they are natural to the body of water and because they are oily and bloody and must leave a nice scent trail. I plan to research that theory but for the time being it is a fact that they catch fish.



Wing Dikes Work For Me

Once again I was anchored on the back side of a wing dike casting into the hole that is created from it. Obviously I could have anchored above the hole further out into the river, but at this period of my boat experience I did not feel safe doing that. When you are tucked behind a wing dike you don’t worry about a floating tree getting fouled into your anchor line. You also feel the waves less from the jets skis and pleasure boat who are racing to the next sandbar to enjoy a beer.


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