Thou Shalt Not Litter


One of my biggest pet peeves is people that litter. It frustrates me when I find campsites littered with beer cans and bottles. I grow angry when I see containers for Canadian night crawler and chicken liver strewn over the fishing bank. I have seen rusted refrigerators lodged on sand bars on the mighty Missouri river. On any given day I could take a ride in the great outdoors and see old furniture thrown in the ditch. It deeply bothers me, so I do my part to try to make a dent in the unfathomable amount of trash I see carelessly left on the ground.

I Was Getting Angry

I use to be very angry when I was picking up others people trash, but then the most interesting thing happened: People started talking to me when they saw me with a garbage bag picking up trash. My theory is that when people see you doing a good act they figure you must be a decent person and you are safe to have a conversation with. This gives me a perfect opportunity to tell them that I think God expects us to take care of the earth he gave us. Do know I am not trying to convert people to Christianity in the parking lot at the boat ramp, but I am trying to be salt and light in order to further the kingdom. Quite frankly, I don’t press my beliefs on people but I do tell them that I can’t call myself a Christian if I deny Christ and act like this desecration of his beautiful gift does not sadden my Spirit. I want people to know that because of Christ I am driven to show my love for people by picking up trash. I believe Christians are getting a bad image in the media and we are portrayed as hateful, spiteful and even bigots. I am doing my little part to dispel that myth.

With Whom I Am Well Pleased

So now when I go out in the great outdoors I always take a garbage bag with me. I can’t pick up all the trash but I do the best I can. Hopefully one person will see me and want to imitate my actions. Perhaps because of this blog post others will grow more concerned about the littering epidemic I see in our public parks. More importantly, I dream one day I will hear a voice say “This is one of my beloved children, with whom I am well pleased”

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