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IMG_9890Hello, my name is Michael and I am addicted to fishing, especially fishing for catfish on the Missouri river near Omaha, NE. I am 100% catch, picture and release (CPR) when it comes to most species of fish. The only fish that might meet its doom at the end of my hooks are shad, goldeye, asian carp, bluegills, and other baitfish I specifically target for the purpose of catching big catfish. I love to catch other fish such as bass or walleye but I specifically aim for catfish because they grow big and it takes some skill to find the monsters in Nebraska. This blog is a diary of my fishing adventures, successes, trials and tribulations.

A Fisher of Men

It is important that you knowcropped-MeBible.jpg I am a professed Christian.  I only tell you this because I want you to judge me by the content of my character. I do not force my beliefs on anyone. So you will probably never hear me curse. If you see me at the lake or river I am probably picking up the litter. It is my goal to be salt and light. I won’t preach you a sermon if you are in my boat, but I will conduct myself according to the principles I believe in. So that means if I take you fishing I will probably refuse your attempt to give me money for bait or gas. If I give you a handful of 8-oz no roll sinkers I do not expect you to pay me for them. It is a blessing to be a blessing and that is my goal. I try to obey all the laws, so you will never see me snagging flatheads or practicing any other unethical fishing practices. I am willing to have the debate about cast nets which are illegal in Nebraska on the Missouri River. That is a sore point for another day.

I hope you gain something by reading my blog. Perhaps I will see you on the river and we can talk while I wait for a 90 pound blue to eat my bait.  Perhaps you will teach me something and I can pass it on to the next generation.

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