Heavy Duty Sinker Sliders For Braid

#9 Duo Lock Snaps rated for 12 oz

I bought these to allow me to quickly change weights on my Carolina rig. I also want to use them to create a 3-way slip rig. I will provide videos below for an example.

Disclaimer: I have not had a chance to try this product yet. In the future I will provide a full review and video of my experience with this brand. Below I provide videos to information that will help you make a decision.

Sinker Slider
Sinker Slider

10 oz Bank Sinker With Sinker Slider

They seem really heavy duty and I am impressed that they easily took a 10 oz bank sinker.

10 oz Bank Sinker with Sinker Slide
10 oz Bank Sinker with Sinker Slide

Buy them cheap from EBAY or LeadHeadsFishing.com

Disclaimer: I do get a small percentage of the sale if you order from EBAY, but I am a honest fellow and I found them cheaper on LeadHeadsFishing.com. I did not receive any special consideration from Lead Head Fishing. They simply were cheaper there and I wanted you to know. I ordered mine from them and they shipped it the same day.

This video shows the 3-way slider rig

I want to duplicate this rig with the slider sinker

Here is a review of several slider sinkers

Team Catfish Sinker Sliders

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